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Mississippi's Business - A monthly publication which includes leading and coincident economic indicators and other topics of interest.
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The Mississippi Economic Outlook presents the state economic outlook and forecast. Tables provide details of recent state and national trends, as well as the state five-year forecast. Published quarterly.

Fiscal Impacts of the Continental Tire AG Project 2017-2040

Fiscal Impacts of the Topship Project 2016-2035

Raising the Minimum Wage in Mississippi: An Econometric Analysis, 2014

The Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi, 2014-2025. This analysis was conducted solely to provide fiscal and economic projections of Medicaid expansion in Mississippi and may not be appropriate for other purposes.

Legislative Economic Briefing - The Economic Briefing is an annual publication presenting an overview of Mississippi's fiscal status for the current and following fiscal years. Revenues, expenditures and ending balances are addressed. Historical summary statistics are also provided.

The Annual Tax Expenditure Report - This report provides a vehicle for annual legislative review of tax expenditures similar to the review that direct expenditures receive through the appropriation process. For archived copies not listed below click here.

Handbook of Selected Data - A collection of maps giving county information on a wide variety of topics, including population, income, education, employment, and much more.

State: Population by County, 2010
State: Population by County, 2000
State: Percentage Change in Population by County, 2000 to 2010
State: Nonwhite Percentage of Population by County, 2010
State: Population per Square Mile by County, 2010
State: Urban Percentage of the Population by County, 2010
State: Population Age 65 and Above by County, 2010
State: Voting Age Population by County, 2010
State: Projected Population, 2015
State: Projected Population, 2020
State: Projected Population, 2025
Dependent Population, 2014

State: Percentage of the Population 25 Years and Older Who Have at Least a High School Education, 2010-2014
State: Percentage of the Population 25 Years and Older Who Have at Least a Bachelor's Degree, 2010-2014

State: Annual Unemployment and Unemployment Rate, 2014
Change in Annual Labor Force, 2004-2014
Manufacturing as percentage of total employment, 2014

State: Percentage of Total Personal Income from Transfer Receipts, 2014
State: Per Capita Income by County, 2014
State: Median Household Income, 2010-2014
State: Percentage of Persons Below the Poverty Level, 2010-2014
State: Percentage of Female Householder Families, No Husband Present, Below the Poverty Level, 2010-2014

State: Square Miles by County, 2010
State: Total Retail Sales by County, Fiscal Year 2013
State: Net Change in Manufacturing Establishments, 2003-2013
State: Business Births and Deaths by County, 2011
State: Number of Hospitals and Hospital Beds, 2014
State: Physicians by County, 2015
State: Active Dentists by County, 2014
State: Retail Sales Pull Factor by County, 2014

Population Projections - Mississippi Population Projections 2015, 2020, and 2025. Population projections by county, sex and race.

Select Articles and Study Briefs

Women, Work and Wages (June 2011)
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Teen Motherhood: Trends and Consequences (June 2008)
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New Population Projections for Mississippi: Some Highlights (December 2008)
Gross State Product: The State's Economic Base (December 2008)
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The Economic Status of African-Americans in Mississippi (December 2007)
Hurricane Katrina's Impact: Some Basic Data (June 2006)
Katrina-Related Studies and Reports on the Web (June 2006)
Raise the Minimum Wage: A Perennial Issue (June 2006)
RAND Study Examines Rebuilding Housing Along the Coast (December 2006)
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The Hispanic Population in Mississippi (December 2006)
Changing Minds at the Heart of Education's Benefits (June 2005)
Private and Public Returns to Investment in Education (June 2005)
Long-Term Outlook for Manufacturing (June 2005)
Tax-Supported Debt Rises in State (June 2005)
Hurricane Katrina: The Challenges (December 2005)
Rebuilding Housing on the Coast (December 2005)
General Fund Revenues Remain on Track Post-Katrina (December 2005)
Disaster Assistance in Rural Areas (December 2005)
MAGNOLIA: Online Library Resources (December 2005)
Economic Impacts of Medicaid in Mississippi (June 2004)
Sustainable Development in Mississippi (June 2004)
Mississippi Endangered Species (June 2004)
Global Environmental Trends (June 2004)
Easing the State Budget Squeeze (June 2003)
Wage Trends and Strategies for Raising Wages (August 1996)
A Shift-Share Analysis of Employment Trends (August 1996)
Can Workfare Work in Mississippi (October 1996)
Welfare Reforms in Mississippi (1996)
Labor Market Effects of Gaming in Mississippi (1994)
Current Levels of Student Achievement in Mississippi (1993)