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Mississippi's Business - A monthly publication which includes leading and coincident economic indicators and other topics of interest.
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Raising the Minimum Wage in Mississippi: An Econometric Analysis, 2014

The Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi, 2014-2025. An Economic Brief From the University Research Center Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. This analysis was conducted solely to provide fiscal and economic projections of Medicaid expansion in Mississippi and may not be appropriate for other purposes.

Mississippi Economic Review and Outlook - presented the state economic forecast. It included articles on economic issues facing the state, as well as detailed forecast and historical tables. The publication has been replaced by the Mississippi Economic Outlook which is published quarterly.
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Handbook of Selected Data - A collection of maps giving county information on a wide variety of topics, including population, income, education, employment, and much more.

Study Briefs

Solving the Poverty Problem in Mississippi (June 2008) presents an overview of the challenges facing the state if it wishes to reduce the high incidence of poverty here.
The Economic Status of African-Americans in Mississippi (February 2008) provides a snapshot of the economic status of African-Americans in Mississippi, noting remaining challenges and promising trends.
Welfare Reforms in Mississippi (October 1996)
State of Education in Mississippi (1993)

Population Projections - Mississippi Population Projections 2015, 2020, and 2025. Population projections by county, sex and race.

Legislative Economic Briefing - The Economic Briefing is an annual publication presenting an overview of Mississippi's fiscal status for the current and following fiscal years. Revenues, expenditures and ending balances are addressed. Historical summary statistics are also provided.

The Annual Tax Expenditure Report - The Tax Expenditure Annual Report Act defines a tax expenditure as "any statutory provision or state agency regulation which exempts, in whole or in part, any specific class or classes of persons, income, goods, services, or property from established state taxes, including, but not limited to, those provisions known as tax deductions, tax allowances, tax exclusions, tax credits, and tax exemptions."
A tax expenditure report shows that revenues foregone due to tax code provisions have the same kind of effect as direct budgetary expenditures. The report also provides a vehicle for annual legislative review of tax expenditures similar to the review that direct expenditures receive through the appropriation process.
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A Summary Comparison of State Taxes in Selected Southeastern States - This report compares various tax rates and provisions by category in Mississippi to those in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee.