Mississippi Public Universities

Gross domestic product, personal income and adjusted employment data by state - This U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis website links to five data categories:

  1. Real and nominal output by state and by industry. Per capita GDP by state. Also, gross state product from the income side including: total compensation of employees, gross operating surplus, and taxes on production and imports.
  2. Gross domestic product by metro area, with detail.
  3. Quarterly state person income, with detail.
  4. Annual state personal income and (adjusted) employment. Includes earnings by industry, compensation of employees by industry, full-time and part-time employment by industry, transfer receipts, property income, farm income, and personal taxes. Note: These employment figures are more comprehensive than other employment figures – they better take into account military employment, employment in religious organizations, self-employment, farm workers, and other categories not covered by state unemployment insurance.
  5. Local area personal income and employment. The above notes on employment apply.

Consumer Price Index - The most commonly used measure of inflation. Price indexes for the U.S., Census regions, size of city, with cross-classifications of regions and size classes, with 26 local area indexes.

Monthly/annual employment - Data from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security publication "Annual Averages" includes both residential- and establishment-based employment, unemployment rates, and civilian labor force for counties, metropolitan areas, and the state.

Tax statistics - Tax data, including annual and monthly tax reports.

Interest rates - Various interest rates from the Federal Reserve. Updated daily.

County Business Patterns - Estimates of county-level economic activity. Site allows users to specify geographic area of interest. Lag of two years.

Gaming - Department of Revenue has several reports, including tax receipts, gross revenue, and quarterly survey results.

Census Data - Look under the Data tab at top. A menu-driven database containing socioeconomic data from the Census. Data are available at regional, state, county, and tract levels.

County population - Detailed data for state and county-level population data, including historical data and population by age, gender, and race. Choose Mississippi, hit enter and then click on link at bottom. Under the Data tab, choose population finder. Then, select Mississippi and Areas Within.

State and County QuickFacts - Detailed state-level and county demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Crime reports - Information from FBI Crime Reports. County-level data available.

Fedstats - A compilation of many federal data sites in the areas of agriculture, demographic and economic data, crime, education, energy, environment, health, labor, and national accounts.

Mississippi Legislature - Includes a link to bills under consideration.

Mississippi Development Authority - Information of use to businesses interested in locating in the state and for tourists interested in visiting Mississippi.  Also includes county education profiles. Databases available under library link.