Commissioner Search Process

1. Board President names Board Search Committee (BSC) members and BSC chair. Decision is made with regard to a Search Consultant (SC). (Complete)
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2. BSC meets with campus constituency groups to hear what they want in their next institutional executive officer (IEO), known as the campus listening session. (Complete)
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MDE Listening Session Minutes
SBCJC Listening Session Minutes
SBCJC Presidents Listening Session Minutes
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3. Position description and advertisement drafted based on feedback received from university constituency groups. (Complete)
Position Advertisement

4. BSC receives recommendations from various university and community constituency groups regarding names for the Search Advisory Committee (SAC). (Complete)

5. SAC members and SAC chair named based on constituency group recommendations. (Complete)
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6. SAC briefed regarding search process; SAC members sign code of ethics. (Complete)
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7. Position nominations and applications received. (Complete)

8. SAC reviews and discusses all candidate resumes with SC. (Complete)
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9. SAC recommends no less than five names, unranked, to the BSC. (Complete)
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10. SAC self-selects a representative group of members, comprised of faculty, students, staff, and outside representatives, diverse in race and gender, to serve on Interview Search Advisory Committee (ISAC) to participate as requested by the Board throughout the remainder of the selection process. (Complete)
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11. BSC decides on candidates for preliminary interviews from the names sent forward by the SAC. (Complete)
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12. First round interviews conducted by BSC and ISAC. (Complete)
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13. Reference contacts and background checks conducted of candidates participating in the second round of interviews. (Complete)
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14. SC presents results of reference checks. (Complete)
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15. Second round interviews conducted by BSC and ISAC. (Complete)
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16. BSC narrows field of candidates to two or three. (Complete)

17. Board of Trustees meets to hear candidate recommendations. Further candidate assessments are made by Board of Trustees. Input sought from ISAC. (Complete)
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18. Board announces preferred candidate. (Complete)
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June 2, 2009 - Press Conference Video

19. Preferred candidate brought to campus to engage in open interviews with various campus constituency groups, who are given the opportunity to provide feedback to the Board regarding the preferred candidate. (Complete)
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June 17, 2009 - Campus Interview Video

20. Board receives preferred candidate feedback from constituency groups and decides if preferred candidate should be named IEO. (Complete)

21. Possible IEO announcement or announcement that search will continue. (Complete)
June 17, 2009 - Press Conference Video

Contact Information
3825 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, Mississippi 39211
Telephone: 601.432.6198
Fax: 601.432.6972
Email: Board of Trustees

Dr. Linda McFall
Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education

Daniel F. Parker, Sr.
President, Parker Executive Search
Five Concourse Parkway
Suite 2440
Atlanta, GA 30328
Telephone: 770.804.1996 Ext. 104

Position Advertisement

IEO Search Process (PDF)

Board Search Policy 201.0608: Institutional Executive Officer Search Process (PDF)

IEO Search Process Presentation
PowerPoint Version
Adobe PDF Version

Code of Ethics

Request for Proposal
The Mississippi Board of Trustees of the State Institutions of Higher Learning is requesting proposals from executive search firms for the next Commissioner of Higher Education.

Listening Session
MDE Minutes
SBCJC Minutes
SBCJC Presidents Minutes

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