Mississippi Public Universities
Best Practices
The IHL Best Practices competition is open to Mississippi's eight public universities and their affiliated campuses. University Foundations, Alumni Associations, and other affiliated organizations are not eligible to apply. The rules for the Best Practices Award Program are as follows:
  • The Institutional Executive Officer (IEO) of the institution must personally provide a letter of endorsement listing the entry(ies) being submitted to Best Practices by his or her institution via email to bestpractices@mississippi.edu. Best Practices submissions to the IHL Executive Office from any person other than the Institutional Executive Officer will not be accepted.

  • The Best Practices competition features four categories: Academics; Finance, Business, and Administration; Student Services; and Technology. Because an entry may fit under more than one category, thoughtful consideration of the most appropriate category must be taken prior to submission. While a university may not change the category following submission, the IHL Executive Office reserves the right to change a submission's category if it is deemed necessary. Any category change will be communicated to the submitting institution.

  • The Best Practice must be a University-specific practice only. Institutions may submit more than one entry per category; however, an institution may submit no more than five total entries.

  • The Best Practice must be currently active and implemented at the institution with verifiable evidence of efficiency and/or effectiveness. The Best Practice may be submitted no more than two times during the life of the Best Practice.

  • An entry may be submitted more than one time; however, a winning entry of either first or second place may not be resubmitted.

  • Collaborative submissions between or among any institution, with one of Mississippi's public universities serving as primary institution, are encouraged.

  • One attachment per category may be submitted with each entry. Please limit each attachment to two pages maximum.

  • All submissions must include a contact name, telephone number, and email address.

  • Award recipients must be available to present the entry to the Board of Trustees as well as to other system-wide groups.

  • Entries are due from the Institutional Executive Officers to the IHL Executive Office via email.