Mississippi Public Universities
2007 Technology Winners
First Place: University of Mississippi
"Online Policy Directory and Administration System"
Most universities have hundreds of policies in place but do not have a well-defined process for creating, reviewing and publishing those policies. For example, what are the "official" policies of the university, who has the authority to update and approve them, and when were they last reviewed? The University of Mississippi (UM) addressed this problem with resourcefulness and innovation by extending its SAP system to include support for policies. This work included an online Policy Directory accessible to the public (see www.olemiss.edu/policies), as well as a Policy Administration System that allows authorized individuals to upload policies and route them electronically to appropriate offices for further review and approval. The system tracks the modifications to policies over time so that one can always know the history of changes that took place, as well as the individuals who made and approved the changes. The system also includes a reminder feature that sends e-mail alerts when policies are due for review. The new system, in production now for more than two years, has brought much needed order and clarity to the area of policy management with great benefit to all campus constituents.
Second Place: Mississippi State University
"Network Quarantine"
Computers that are infected with viruses, spyware, and other malware can wreak havoc on a campus network by attempting to infect other computers and by generating inordinate amounts of network traffic. MSU has developed a network quarantine system the quickly and efficiently detects and isolates offending computers from the network until repairs can be effected.