Mississippi Public Universities
2005 Finance, Business and Administration Winners
First Place: Jackson State University
"Comprehensive Energy Renovation Program"
First place in the finance category went to Jackson State University’s Comprehensive Energy Renovation Program, a 12-month pilot program to make the institution more energy-efficient through electrical and mechanical renovations in its facilities. The program saved over $287,000 in 21 facilities in 2004-2005.

In the Energy Renovation Program, JSU staff members took such energy-saving steps as replacing older fluorescent bulbs with newer, more efficient ones and making mechanical modifications to the Campus Energy Management System. Future plans include initiatives to reduce consumption of gas and water on the campus.

Second Place: University of Mississippi
"Zone Maintenance"
The University of Mississippi’s Zone Maintenance project, which placed second in finance, business and administration, is a multi-trade, quick response approach to addressing the university’s maintenance needs through cross-training of staff.

The Zone Maintenance approach begins with an apprenticeship training program designed to develop qualified, dedicated, productive employees for the Physical Plant. Training modules, created with the “whole person” in mind, include not only technical skills training but also such topics as personal hygiene, professional appearance and grooming, verbal and written communication skills, philosophy of professional conduct and behavior, ethics, and organization vision and mission. Skill modules taught in the Zone Maintenance program include electrical maintenance and repair; plumbing; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; and renovation and remodeling.

Benefits of the Zone Maintenance program include customer satisfaction greater than in the former model, establishment of a highly educated, loyal, and productive skill trade work force for the university, facilities and building systems maintained at a higher level, and more efficient handling of unusual tasks which require special attention.